• Mark Stanton

12 Week Transformation - Olivia and Healthista.com

In the lead up to the summer, Olivia from Healthista.com completed a 12 week transformation program with me and the support team at Transition zone (www.transitionzone.co.uk) .

While the main goal was to achieve an impressive body transformation, we wanted to teach Olivia good long term habits and methods that she could continue on her own.

Olivia had completed similar programs before with limited success, only losing 1-2% bodyfat each time. She had limited experience and understanding of resistance training methods which we set out to change.

Over the twelve weeks we educated Olivia (while putting her through her paces) in areas including:

  • Correct movement and exercise technique

  • Importance of recovery and sleep

  • Stress, its relation to your body and how to manage it

  • Healthy eating principles and creating a calorie deficit or surplus

  • How to program sessions for optimal fat loss

  • The importance of muscle and strength

  • The effects of exercise on hormones

  • Consistency

Follow the link below to read Olivia's final report on Healthista.com and read back through her weekly reports to get an insight into how develop a healthy and maintainable diet and exercise routine that really can get results.


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