Weight Loss | Body Shape Change | Injury Rehabilitation | Sports Performance 

| Postural Correction /Movement Analysis | Back Pain Management |

Ante and Post natal training

Whatever your health, fitness or performance goals, personal training will ensure you reach them quickly and efficiently whilst learning how to maintain your new look/fitness levels over the long term.


Sessions take place at the location of your choice, either at home, work, outdoors or  LIFT STUDIOS LTD, Parsons Green.  All equipment is provided so there are no excuses.


I understand that every individual is different and during your first session we will talk through your goals and aspirations to understand how I can best help you achieve them.  To enable specific targets to be set you will complete a full postural assessment and take physical measures. This will also allow accurate planning of future training sessions, personalised diet advice and monitoring of your progress.


Some people have the drive to train and want to be pushed hard in their training while others need a bit more support starting out, learning how to change habits and attitudes towards exercise and diet.  When undertaking a plan I commit to doing my utmost to ensure you get all the support you need.


 Injury Rehabilitation | Postural Correction | Pre/Post Event |

Muscle Relaxation

Whether you are suffering from aches and pains, recovering from an injury or training very hard, Sports Massage can be a vital tool in your progress.


For aches, pains and injuries, an initial full assessment will be undertaken, to best identify problem areas that Sports Massage can help solve.  A variety of soft tissue and stretching techniques as well as prescribed exercise can be used to treat the problem. If it is clear that you would be best seeing another healthcare professional then I will reccomend suitable action.


For sports people, pre and post event massage or general maintenance massages are of great use in promoting effective performance and recovery.  This is not limited to athletes, if you are training hard, sports massage can be a great tool to allow continued progress and prevent any niggles.


Location of your choice | Equipment provided |

Fun and Challenging | Ideal for Sports teams or Team building |

If you have a group of friends, co-workers or team-mates that would like to train together then please get in touch.  Equipment will be provided (where possible) at the location of your choice.

I have experience in: Circuits Classes, Bootcamp, TRX and Boxing however please do enquire if you have something more bespoke in mind.



Periodised training | Sport specific | Olympic Lifting |

Strength, Power and Speed coaching

Strength and Conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes for sports performance.  Accredited Coaches bridge the gap between the science of training and applied training.  


There are many ways a well constructed programme can improve an athletes: speed, power, agility, endurance and strength.  


Qualified S&C coaches eclipse most personal trainers when it comes to athletic preparation as they have the know how and ability to structure a long term plan using effective periodisation to ensure you peak at the correct times.


This involves: planning training sesssions and training loads in advance with the focus of each training phase geared towards progressing aspects of fitness towards the final performance outcome.


I have a great deal of experience working alongside sports coaches, assisting them in specific program design, addressing the particular needs of the athlete or team involved, matched to the unique demands of their sport.


Training involves far more than just strength work. The primary focus is on improving movement efficiency while sessions include plyometrics, speed and agility, endurance, flexibility and core stability alongside a variety of strength training methods.



Workshops | Seminars | Speaking | Mentoring

As a Personal trainer and Strength and Condititoning coach of over 10 years, I have a plethora of experience in the industry.  These experiences range from body tansformations with high profile clients to elite international sports people. 

Since completing an MSc in Strength and Conditioning and UKSCA accreditation I have not stopped chasing knowledge.

I have experience in coaching large groups, delivering workshops and educational courses to industry professionals, leading in house staff development and contributing to printed and online publications. 


Some previous subject areas include:

  • Heart Rate training, explaining thresholds and relevance to fitness.

  • Olympic Lifting for sports performance

  • Hormones and Exercise

  • Running mechanics

  • Training for a half marathon

  • Human Movement 

  • Back pain management

  • Plyometrics and Sprint training

If you are looking for a highly qualified and experienced industry professional to lead an event, speak or write then please do get in touch.